Let’s take a walk in the park..

Let's take a walk in the park..
This is a cute little fun outfit. I am absolutely in love with it. I think it can be used to go take a little walk in the park or go to the movies with friends and etc.! Let me know what you think about it or where else would you wear it in the comments below! I love getting responses from you guys! Hope you guys are enjoying Spring Break! ❤

Hey Bloggers!

Check out my Polyvore account to see some of the sets I have created! I will be posting some of the outfits on this blog. If you have any requests, or need help finding an outfit for a holiday, party, dinner, etc., let me know! I would be more than happy to help you out! My Polyvore account is paularosariox.polyvore.com. Thanks! ❤

Spring’s Here!

Spring's Here!
Spring is finally here!! Time to get your short floral dresses and combat boots out! Here are three outfits I made that are sooo ‘Spring.’ What outfits do you wear during spring? Leave your comments below! ❤

A John Mayer Kind of Girl

A John Mayer kind of girl
This kind of outfit is being sported in all parts of the world right now. This outfit is what I call “A John Mayer Kind of Girl.” The blue plaid crop top is very cute and I think would look amazing with a white skater skirt, brown combat boots and aviators. Also, these flower headbands are a new trend now! Everybody’s using them! This is more of a laid back type of cowgirl look. It’s pretty chic, if you ask me. What do YOU think of this outfits? Leave your comments below. 🙂